Viatecla in UP - TAP´s magazine

Up Magazine distinguish Viatecla as a "Portuguese success case".

"The World at one click distance."  Is this the title of an article of UP - TAP´s magazine,  about Viatecla´s success.
In two pages of the story is told Viatecla, since its beginning in 1996 through the creation of several products that gave life to Viatecla, until nowadays.
About KeyForTravel, the UP magazine says: "Using innovative platforms for tourism, media and enterprise, Viatecla, a software company formed in a garage on the south bank of the Tagus, is conquering the world."
Still about Viatecla´s products, UP reports: "But it is not only in the tourism sector that Viatecla does good work.  (...) Future Box TV appeared, a video distribution platform using digital signage, and Bridge4 Media, a product which is to the video industry what Key4Travel is to tourism." 
This article is available online at: and also in tablets, the application of the magazine.

KeyForTravel new features presented in London

Viatecla presents in Travel Technology Europe the new features of KeyForTravel platform.

Viatecla is going to be in one of the major European tourism events of the year "Travel Technology Europe", in Earl´s Court, London, during 7th and 8th of February.
This year Viatecla will present the new features of KeyForTravel platform, and also a new form of interact with holiday packages using Kinect technology.
As a result Viatecla will be alongside with the European technology community in order to promote its core product in tourism area - KeyForTravel.

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