Raul Gonçalves, Neviagens Managing Director

"KeyForTravel is a global solution that answers to the various tourism segments, with the advantage of being modular, which means adaptable to business needs and development of each organization." Raul Gonçalves, managing director of Netviagens sustains also
: "in our market we compete with our suppliers, we seek to reduce costs maintaining our values of quality services and response time, and we need to innovate in every moments with concepts of pre-sales, sales of last-minute, construction of innovative products, and we need to keep surprising. In this environment, a solution like KeyForTravel is essential".

João Moita, Citur's Administrator

One of Viatecla's advantages is that the company combines "deep knowledge of tourism activity, with a wide technological capacity to innovate and to respond to industry needs." To John Moita, all travel agents should be in line with market requirements, updating and modernizing themselves constantly, so that in his opinion, Viatecla should be seen as a
"business partner not as an outsider".

Miguel Couto, Abreu´s Administrator

Miguel Couto points out several advantages to KeyForTravel highlighting that it is "a ready and tested solution (which shortens the development), allowing adaptations and adjustments according to our own needs, it is multi-brand, multi-lingual and multi-product with independent parameterizations, and assumes itself as a very complete and integrated solution." On the other hand, Abreu´s Administrator explained that this tool is being used "as a linking platform between various private and external systems of tourism product management, taking advantage of its features of management agreements and own inventories." So it "will also be the main point of contact with the client, whether he is end customer, domestic or foreign agent, or internal customer - regarding to sales and payment, as well as content´s part."

Luís Monteiro, TAP Tours Administrator

"The KeyForTravel is vital for the future of the sector, especially for tour operators," claims TAP Tours administrator, explaining that these "players are at a turning point of its activity, having to justify themselves as intermediaries, adding value in a society where information asymmetries do not exist anymore." Proving Viatecla´s value, Luis Monteiro adds,
"It is delighted to see a Portuguese company so well positioned, and with an experience already gained and developed in these technology tools."

João Oliveira, Microsoft´s Platform Area Development Director

"In order to be a Microsoft partner it is necessary to gather conditions that Viatecla through its many qualities in terms of innovation and technology, managed to unite,"
said John Oliveira, highlighting that the company is since 2005, Microsoft GOLD Certified Partner. On the other hand, he recognizes that KeyForTravel "was the first web service that we used in Portugal, as reference to illustrate a tendency," adding that Viatecla has the merit of being the "first company to launch in the national market, a high quality technology product in tourism area".

Luísa Agante, Exit Online Ex-Director

Luísa Agante justified the choice of Viatecla as the technological solution supplier company for Exit Online saying that, besides the Viatecla's combination of two key competencies in its genesis - tourism and software development, she always appreciated "the attitude of constant concern with the client, with a permanent attention to understand the constraints and variables of business, the "know how" accumulated, and ease of treatment and contact with the whole work team."

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