Solutions by Industry

 Travel Agencies
KeyForTravel brings internal process efficiency, strengthens the relationship with your business partners and empowers your connection to costumers, resulting in boosting your added value and sales.
  Tour Operator 
The end-to end solution for wholesalers.
  Corporate Clients
KeyForTravel Corporate supports total business rules, flow and operation for corporate travel management with service-oriented electronic booking tools, Step-by-Step travel workflow and Corporate setup tools with centralized definition of business specific rules.

KeyForTravel enables Hotels to manage their own hotel inventory, which allows  to control the number of rooms filled, reservations and rates in real-time, but also the capacity to distribute and promote, through multiple channels, and also to support additional third parties sales. 

With KeyForTravel Airlines can reach directly the final customer (B2C) and partners (B2B). Not only trough booking engines on their websites, allowing the customer to assess the availability of flights and make his reservation, but also gain a set of tools that boosts their ability to act in the local tourism market.
Destination Bureaux
With KeyForTravel Destination Bureaux can sell directly to travellers and agencies, allowing the customer to assess the availability of local services, flights and make their reservation but also gain a set of tools that can increase their ability to grow the share of wallet for local tourism market.

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