Corporate Clients

KeyForTravel Corporate platform supports total business rules, flow and operation for corporate travel management with service-oriented electronic booking tools, Step-by-Step travel workflow and Corporate setup tools with centralized definition of business specific rules.

You can win:

  • Corporate customers have an autonomous interface (Electronic Booking Tool), on which their employees can execute the different operations - acording to their profiles (traveler, arranger, approver) - allowing them to plan, search, book, aprove and complete business trips;
  • Support the travel requirements of corporate customers;
  • Compliance with corporate travel policies;
  • Setting Business rules: conditions agreed between the agency and the corporate organization, like service fees, markups, discounts, private agreements and payment conditions;
  • Identification of commercial conditions agreed directly between the corporate organization and the service providers;
  • Easy management of bookings, payments, documentation and communication with all people involved in the process;
  • Agency Front Office including the corporate operation.

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