Corporate Travel made agile

KeyForTravel Corporate supports total business rules, flow and operation for corporate travel management.

KeyForTravel Corporate module helps travel agencies fulfill the travel requirements of corporate customers. With this module the business engines comply with corporate travel policies and business rules defined between you and your corporate customer.

  These corporate business rules include commercial conditions like service fees, markups, discounts, private agreements and payment conditions. 

  KeyforTravel Corporate module also allows to access customer negotiated rates, like account codes, and preferred and excluded service suppliers. This module not only adds the corporate operation to the agency's standard (management) front-office interface, but it also offers to corporate customers an autonomous (Electronic Booking Tool).  

Electronic Booking Tool

  The corporate module provides also a web application where corporate employees can plan, search, book, approve and complete business trips. The advantage of this web application is to simplify the process of booking corporate travels, as this can be done by passengers themselves or travel planners, while respecting the company's travel policy.

The web application also has a workflow system, in order to obtain the necessary approvals for the trip to be fulfilled.
As the use of internet mobile devices for marking, management and access to travel documents is growing, the web application supports all major mobile systems.

KeyForTravel Corporate and integration with third parties 

  Corporate module KeyforTravel Server is a service-oriented architecture.
Web services are exposed to allow integration with 3rd-party services (example SAP).  

Daily operation tools easy-to-use 
  • Step-by-step travel workflow control panel; 
  • Easy management of bookings, payments, documentation and communication with all people involved in the process. 

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