With the KeyForTravel platform Airlines can reach directly the final customer (B2C) and partners (B2B). Not only trough booking engines on their websites, allowing the customer to assess the availability of flights and make his reservation, but also gain a set of tools that boosts their ability to act in the local tourism market.

You can win:

• Selling flights plus hotel and other ground products in fixed packages or dynamic packages;
• Supporting real time sales of flights inventory with contracted or real-time ground products;
• Increasing non-flight revenues by enabling the offering of a wide variety of ground products to customers;
• Enabling the passengers to find more of what they are seeking, creating ‘value-added' at the time of the flight booking - Offering a "one stop shop"  for travellers;
• Providing a broader service to passengers (increasing share of wallet) will:

• Build stronger customer relationships, gaining a greater knowledge of your customers that can be leveraged for future sales and marketing;
• More control of your passenger's booking and fulfillment experience;
• Enhances the airline brand.

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