KeyForTravel platform enables Hotels to manage their own hotel inventory, which allows in real-time to control the number of rooms filled, reservations and rates, but also the capacity to distribute and promote through multiple channels and also to support additional third parties sales in real time.
In practice this means gains in operational and business management.

You can win:

  • Controlling via a single tool, the different variables: Price, occupation, distribution of "allotments", margins and / or fees with complex rule systems;
  • Store all your descriptions, photos and videos;
  • Connection to business partners - operators, agencies or end customer;
  • Distribute, promote and manage your stock within your third parties though multiple channels;
  • Selling your accommodation plus other services (flights, rent-a-car, local experiences) in fixed packages or dynamic packages;
  • Supporting real time sales of accommodation stock with contracted or real-time services trough connections with third parties;
  • Increasing non- accommodation revenues by enabling the offering of a wide variety of services to customers.
  • Enabling the travellers to find more of what they are seeking, creating ‘value-added' at the time of the accommodation booking - Offering a "one stop shop"  for travellers;
  • Providing a broader service to travelers (increasing share of wallet)  it will:
    • Build stronger customer relationships, gaining a greater knowledge of your customer's that can be leveraged for future sales and marketing;
    • Control of your traveler's booking and fulfillment experience;
    • Enhances the Hotel brand.

A product of Viatecla - 2018 contact us for more information