Viagens Abreu travel agency has launched a new B2C channel last week - Abreu Express. Aimed to the international market, it will gradually be available in various languages and currencies. The new Abreu Express web portal uses the new generation of the KEYforTravel platform Front-Ends, that has a new and more intuitive view of aviation search results and a complete redesign of the business engines in order for the several products to be searched through multi-devices such as smartphones.
This new generation of the KEYforTravel platform B2C sales channels will allow multi-screen browsing, by adjusting the layout and features depending on the device and the size of the screen that the customer is using, optimizing the business features and improving the selling process.
Abreu Express uses the new "Dynamic Packages - Flight + Hotel" presentation that improves the quality of the product and makes immediate booking confirmation easy for the end-users.