In the last couple of years, the percentage of visits from mobile devices grew from 57% to 63%*.  As this number continues to grow steadily, mobile apps are absolutely mandatory when it comes to technology and platforms for the end user. 

KEYforTravel has been developing its mobile strategy for quite some time, offering the customers a trustworthy solution for the Travel and Tourism's distribution industry, through mobile technology.  No matter what platform or device the customer uses, this permits them nonstop access on the move, therefore answering the customers' continuous demand for a better, easier and swift service.

On its mobile version, the platform offers improved customer service with an open and direct communication channel with its clients, at all times, not only before but during their travel, with all the info available offline without them having to ask for it, thus providing extra service for the client.  With KEYforTravel mobile, clients have access to all their itinerary on their mobile devices as soon as they arrive on the destination with all the documentation they will need throughout their holidays or business trip. KEYforTravel is the answer if you want to be present with your client at all times, while he is on the move.

With an ever on-going evolution, in order to answer all of our clients' demands and suggestions, all you have to do is get in touch with us and learn more about our mobile solutions!

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