Back in the late 60's when the 1st message was sent through cyberspace, who would have thought that on this day and age we would have the world in our hands with a small device called smartphone where we can book a flight, check out a hotel on the other side of the world, reserve a car, read reviews from other tourists, and essentially manage all our travelling.  

Specially for corporate travelling, this whole process is simplified with KEYforTravel's EBT (electronic booking tool), and takes special importance when booking corporate travels because it allows corporate clients to manage and control their business trips namely searching, planning, booking, approving and completing business travels according to their respective professional profiles, such as traveller, arranger or approver whilst respecting the company's travel policy.

Via web application or through a mobile device, travel planners or the passengers themselves can book trips, check rates, receive notifications, consult travels and obtain reports and dashboards by searching booking engines such as Flights, Hotels, Rent-a-Car, Train or Insurance.  

EBT supports the travel requirements of corporate customers, complies with the corporation's travel policies, allows the setting of business rules such as service fees, mark-ups, discounts, private agreements and payment conditions and allows easy management of bookings, payments, documentation and communication with all people involved in the process.