Viatecla, together with ExecPlan, held on the 31st May in the Microsoft auditorium, a workshop on the importance of metrics applied to the tourism business.

The session began with Tiago Phillimore, Head of Strategic Marketing at TAP Portugal, which demonstrated using the case of TAP, as can, focusing on analytical tools segment and micro-target your customers, thus improving communication with these. TAP believes that the client shows them the way to success, and if so, to know it perfectly can take all your strategy to your profile, thus improving the efficiency of operation, translating into increased its turnover.

Then Pedro Seabra, Viatecla CEO, explained its platform for business tourism, the KeyForTravel, and how the Business Intelligence solution falls within a critical product to the customer business. Much more than a product that covers all stages of the tourism business, the KeyForTravel, also allows to analyze, measure, and track the results of your business.

Finally, we proceeded to the presentation of the solution, Business Intelligence, by Haroldo Cavaloti (Managing Director / Business Solutions Director - ExecPlan) and Vanda Jesus (Chief Business Development Officer - Viatecla) that allows:

• access data,
• explore information,
• develop knowledge,
• make smart decisions and
• define strategies to provide it with a competitive advantage in the market in which the company acts.

We look forward to your presence at a subsequent occasion, or future event.

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