Small and medium-sized travel and tourism companies face challenges that are difficult to overcome. Competition is fierce, consumers are increasingly informed and new players are constantly appearing in the market.

How to overcome these obstacles? Ensuring a complete and personalised service tailored to the customer, ensuring productivity, maintaining themselves updated, competitive, and specialised in a given market segment.

And technology can help! The SMEs of this sector can now tap the full potential of their business. KEYforTravel, a complete solution for multi-channel travel and tourism management and distribution, has launched a range of 4 solutions specifically designed for these agencies or operators to have the same opportunities as the big ones and enable them to compete on an equal footing.

Regardless of your business type, KEYforTravel has a tailor-made solution for you:

Action: for agencies that want to streamline their operation by managing the complete business cycle with a simple and current front office;

B2C: for agencies that want to distribute directly to the consumer online;

B2B: for agencies, DMC's and Operators looking to distribute their products to other business partners;

Corporate: for agencies and TMC's that specialise in corporate business, this solution offers a complete front office with the ability to offer, for each client, an electronic booking tool (EBT) with personalised travel policies and approval workflows.

With KEYforTravel you can differentiate your product with our powerful search and booking engines, reduce work effort by streamlining your entire operation and increase your sales through our extensive network of partners and promotion tools. Finally, analyse and track your entire business in real-time through metrics and reporting.

If you want to know more about this opportunity check out our website and present us with your challenge.