KeyForTravel, Viatecla platform is positioned as a turning point in building performance in the tourism industry, by providing a strong and comprehensive set of business engines and a wide range of hotel connectors.
With the management tools available in front-office environment, you can do the management of customer accounts, reserves and other operations. KeyForTravel provides the right tools so your team can make a better customer management.
KeyForTravel platform is a critical business solution for tourism sector, providing a reliable platform, user-friendly, with a back-office 100% web, which makes it easy and quick to product configuration rules management sale and configuration processes associated with the business tourism sector.
KeyForTravel platform allows commercial management through KeyForBilling, a secure payment module that ensures the processes inherent in the payment cycle. This module is integrated with KeyForTravel, making this platform a powerful operational manager.
Operational management features KeyForTravel
- Front-office environment
- Back-office environment
- Payroll management system - KeyForBilling