Corporate travelling face a number of challenges nowadays, such as the need to provide the travellers with fast responses, the pressure to cut costs on travel expenses, knowing at all times where the teams are stationed or making sure the travel policies implemented in the company are being respected, among others.

Our KEYforTravel's EBT (electronic booking tool) is a self-service tool, specially tailored for corporate travelling which simplifies all the process. Corporate clients can manage and control their business trips namely searching, planning, booking, approving and completing business travels according to their respective professional profiles, such as traveller, arranger or approver whilst respecting their company's travel policy.

Whether through the web application or with a mobile device working both in iOS and android, arrangers or travellers can easily  book trips, check rates, receive notifications, consult travels and obtain reports and dashboards by searching KEYforTravel's booking engines such as Flights, Hotels, Rent-a-Car, Train or Insurance.  

KEYforTravel's EBT
supports the travel requirements of corporate customers, complies with the corporation's travel policies, allows the setting of business rules such as service fees, mark-ups, discounts, private agreements and payment conditions and allows easy management of bookings, payments, documentation and communication with all people involved in the process.

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