KeyForTravel platform gives real-time, multiple answers to multiple user requests, making available wide sets of travelofferings in a very short time window.
KeyForTravel enables real-time access to travel products for both customers and travel organizations using a simple and intuitive environment. Booking tools are powerful applications where any related travel business agent can select and restrict parameters in order to reach the right products offering.
Independently from the business engine type, KeyForTravel platform aggregates and normalizes data presenting specific details for the selected product offerings. If the selection fits the customer expectations, a secure booking can be immediately done.
KeyForTravel platform gives real-time multiple answers to multiple simultaneous user requests. The low latency between request and the response allows customers and travel agents to visualize and interact with multiple sets of product offerings reaching the most suitable travel product in a very short time window.
KeyForTravel platform offers reliable and scalable self-booking tools making available a wide range of product offerings: main GDS and low-fares within the flight domain and hotels worldwide are just some examples. KeyForTravel booking tools also integrates business specific own contracts and inventory in a seamless way.
KeyForTravel self-booking tools are the reliable solution that grants all involved travel agents the reaching of the intended product offering in a no time.
Booking tools available with KeyForTravel platform
- flights
- hotel and accommodation
- holiday packages
- dynamic packages
- rent-a-car
- tour operations manager