When it comes to studying, it doesn't get any funnier than to study abroad. Being able to learn a language and something else about a totally different culture at the same time is not only good for your future career but also helpful to broaden your horizons. It sure beats staying at home reading about it on books or surfing the web dreaming of it.

If, for example, you feel like learning Spanish and take tango lessons at the same time, with 2 simple clicks, you will be one step closer to Argentina. If you are a teacher and would like to improve your knowledge in any given language, this is also for you.  It is for everyone with a passion for learning something outside their comfort zone. 

And this is exactly what CI, one of the largest players in the Brazilian market, can do for Brazilian students. It helps them go check out the world, with a little help from KEYforTravel student travel booking engine.  This 2nd generation booking engine works in a responsive environment, with improved agility and better search and booking features. It allows quick searches whether by language, country or city of destination or a particular activity combined. You can also throw in accommodation and plane tickets.

KEYforTravel student travel booking engine provides CI with a powerful tool to improve their business with great impact on sales. And many happy educated students.