Although having been created to revolutionize the way we communicate and work, e-mail can also, if not organised properly, cause some displeasures for your company because it is quite probable that some information may get lost along the way, if e-mail is all you are using to keep track of important information.

With the KEYforTravel toolbar, e-mail can be integrated, becoming another benefit of the KEYforTravel platform, allowing for a better, more consistent operation management. Associated to the operation's process, a plug in is installed that connects KEYforTravel to Microsoft Outlook, capturing those emails -  that are no longer personal but for the entire organization's benefit - and associating them to their respective process and client.

This integration permits, for example, that a colleague keeps on dealing with a certain client's business while the main interlocutor goes on holidays or is absent for some reason, without causing any disturbance in the process. If that file has only been taken care by e-mail between one agent and the client, with the KEYforTravel integrated toolbar in Outlook, no information will be lost and it won't even matter who was in charge of that file in the first place. 

With the KEYforTravel e-mail toolbar you win because you don't lose information, everything will be registered for future use, anyone can work on the project and you minimize problems arising from the loss of information.  All in all, your business wins.