KeyForTravel Mobile is an application (app) designed specifically for mobile devices, that covers whether business or leisure trips. Thus it is possible to build a customized application by type of business, combining aviation and hotel modules for corporate business and in addition vacation packages for leisure business.

K4T Mobile presents in smartphones, in an innovative form its offer directed to corporate market. K4T Mobile is an innovative form to approach corporate travel using the power of smartphones and mobile devices. Due to the characteristics of this type of devices, K4T Mobile was designed keeping in mind the user, especially when he is travelling, allowing him to interact with the application intuitively and also to access useful information about his trip, keeping him free to focus on his journey.

Corporate traveler has specific and distinct needs of the passenger traveling on vacation. For example, travel time duration or waiting time at airports are critical factors, as traveler seeks to reach as soon as possible the destination. In order to meet the needs of this type of passenger, K4T Mobile shows the search results in a simple graphical layout, highlighting the key variables to corporate clients, thus saving time on choosing the most suitable travel option. In addition, the existence of a user area that aggregates all travel and respective documentation is of real importance during the trip, especially when using the application in areas with limited or no connectivity (e.g. due to travelling abroad or lack of Wi-Fi or data roaming). With K4T Mobile the traveler will always have at his disposal all the necessary documentation for the travelling process.

Unlike the leisure passenger, the corporate passenger travels frequently to the same place, and so needs an agile process of rescheduling the same travelling, but only with a different date. As K4T mobile keeps the entire history of trips made, user can easily reschedule a trip that was booked in the past, and change to the date he wants to travel back again, therefore making the process of rescheduling simpler, faster and with less space for mistaking for the traveler.