Our vast offer wouldn't be complete without our booking engines. And these are always being updated. KEYforTravel offers powerful booking engines for supporting real-time flights, hotel reservations, rent-a-car, train, special products, vacation packages, dynamic packages, insurance and more.

We are committed to always providing an excellent service for our clients and that is why we keep improving and expanding our booking engines offer.

Veturis is the new hotel booking engine at our clients' disposal. It is already being integrated in a few clients and is available for whoever wants to incorporate it.  

Another connector that has also been developed to enrich our partner's portfolio is the one for CP - Comboios de Portugal (Portuguese Railways).  This tool is available both in a web environment as well as in KEYforTravel's mobile app. 

The train engine with the connection to CP is yet another feature in favor of this broad platform as the employees of national companies travel a lot by train, making this a safe bet on the corporate travel market. With this engine, it is possible to choose not only the day and time of the travel but also the exact seat, when booking the travel. 

These new booking engines are most certainly a plus that we had all been waiting for, making KEYforTravel the most complete solution on the market.

If you want to know more about KEYforTravel's booking engines, click here or talk to us.