The Netviagens website project, developed entirely by Viatecla, was the winner of the Portugal Travel Awards in the category of best travel website. This ceremony took place in Évora and was attended by the most important institutions and personalities of travel and tourism industry.

This awards, organized by the magazine Publituris, reward every year the companies and organizations that has distinguished in various areas of the travel and tourism sector. The first phase of voting was online, where registered users of Publituris magazine website, selected the three finalists. Besides of Netviagens website were in the final, Vá Viagens website and Abreu Online Store.
Netviagens website had a total renovation in late 2010. The new website has a new layout, as well as new features that make the user experience, in search and selection of the destination, easier and intuitive.

One of the new products launched this year in Netviagens website was the concept of the Holiday Plus, which is a comparison tool, where you can find an interactive catalog divided by Continent, Country, Destination, Category, Duration and Cost. This tool is a holiday research facilitator, completely new and extremely useful. Additionaly, it shows the number of offers corresponding to the combination of your choices.
Netviagens, in Portugal, is the biggest tour operator in Internet and uses KeyForTravel platform since 2002, an innovative product created from scratch by Viatecla, which is a complete business platform for the tourism sector.