GeoWinds new portal is already online in Designed for the B2B market, provides travel agencies a very complete set of offerings, ranging from the traditional isolated travel products (flight, hotel and rent-a-car), through the provision of multi-destination dynamic packages (flight + hotel, hotel + rent-a-car, flight + hotel + rent-a-car) to special products such as transfers, dinners, spa's, among others. These packages are available to more than 20 destinations such as Brazil, Croatia, Italy, United States, Portugal, and others.

The multi-language portal was developed on the KeyForTravel platform, innovative product developed thinking of all tourist operators working in highly competitive environments and growth ambitions. It is a complete business solution, for leisure and corporate travel agencies, tour operators, hotel chains, airlines, DMCs and tourism agents in general.
KeyForTravel allows the definition of the product itself, as well as interconnection to various business partners. On the other hand, allows dynamic product distribution and sale in real time to multiple channels business through strong promotion mechanisms.