Checklists help your organisation become more efficient and are useful to provide it with good business practices. Just like airlines establish safety protocols before an airplane takes off, travel and tourism companies also have to make sure that all procedures are followed to provide a good service for their clients.  They are very handy job aids that help reduce the natural human flaws compensating for eventual distractions preventing the company to compromise mandatory tasks and concerns and ultimately the client's well-being and the organization's good performance indicators.   They help to ensure reliability and to completely carry out any given task as even most organised people need some friendly reminder every now and then. 

When it comes to travelling, there are certainly a lot of tasks to be completed and details to be fulfilled before your clients can actually start their journeys. KEYforTravel allows you to create customized checklists, so that the travel agents can do their jobs smoothly and in an a more effective manner in order to provide a service of excellence to your customer.  Things like if vaccines are in order, visas and passports are updated, food restrictions are known and whether there are children involved are details that any travel agent has to check before issuing a plane ticket or selling a travel journey. It's the only thing that keeps them from eventually forgetting any major step.  

There are three major times when you will be needing to make use of KEYforTravel checklists. During the pre-trip you can ask some basic questions concerning your client's preferences and expectations such as where they want to go, when and what's their budget.  Then there's the confirmation of all details that may be crucial to avoid some major travel disaster. Things like visas if they need one, or if passports are in order or whether they need travel insurance, are major deal breakers for a trip.  After the trip there's also a chance to listen to your clients and get their informal feedback which will help you and therefore your future clients as well. 

Using a form of conditional logic, KEYforTravel will only let you issue a ticket if all the boxes are checked, that is, if all the tasks in the checklists are successfully completed, thus providing a meaningful stress less travel.  Everybody benefits, your clients because nothing is forgotten and they will most certainly have a pleasant travel and you because you guarantee that all the operation goes smoothly and strictly, with the quality you aim for, making sure your client will certainly come back for more business with you, re-enforcing your customer service and good practices.