Information classification is vital to any company that has customers. That is to say, all companies. But for some, classifying information can take a bigger role than for others.  Without classifying your information, you cannot decide how it should be handled and how you will use if for your benefit and ultimately increase sales. If you don't classify it, your information and its unmistakable value is at risk of being lost forever and not being used for anything at all. 

Rather than reinventing wheels, with KEYforTravel you won't be needing to write notes on Word documents or stamp files with confidential words. With a few easy steps you will be able to set out different levels of classifiers, define what information falls within each classification and then decide what to do with that valuable information. 

KEYforTravel plataform allows users full access to the client's needs and tastes as long as their preferences are kept updated. The classifiers are totally flexible, easily adapted to each client, allowing to choose the kind of information you want to keep about your customers and the questions you want to ask them to provide them with a personalised service with added value. The client's file will always be updated and accessible to all users with permissions. Be it the travel motive or reason for cancellation, who recommended the agency or that particular clients' preferences, if you classify that information, you will be ahead of the game.

Therefore, if you want to compete with all the OTA's out there, be sure to classify your information. Better yet, use KEYforTravel classifiers.