International tourist arrivals are expected to reach 1.8 billion by the year 2030 according to the World Tourism Organization's forecasts.  Tourism not only represents 10% of the world's GDP but is also responsible for one out of 10 jobs worldwide. It is therefore safe to say that tourism makes the world go round and takes a lot of us along the way whether just for fun in our holidays or in a more serious approach when it comes to business travelling.

Destinations have not only been increasingly experiencing the need to better promote their offer beforehand in order to achieve greater visibility but also to provide assistance and further benefits during the stay and at the same time maintaining the balance with the local population, national tourists and the local trade.  It is also essential to measure and monitor all information: every tourist, every museum entrance, every meal taken, to be able to make smarter management decisions and implement good practices. 

Last but not least, it is crucial to be able to provide all of this connected to a platform that will allow Destinations to actually promote and sell that destiny to tourists. With the increasing complexity of channels and technologies, destinations must possess robust and versatile platforms to support the current and future requirements of tourism promotion and local trade, and become partners with providers capable of responding to the greater needs of web and mobile channels.

KEYforTravel is able to offer Destinations a Smart choice that increases online visibility and attracts more tourists. Focused on the mobile first paradigm, the approach is suggested according to the objectives and requirements designed in a Smart Destination logic and strategy, for a portal that is both agile in support of the daily operation as well as of easy evolution in the short or medium term, whilst analyzing the Destination's digital performance and reputation.