Although branded fares are not new to the airline industry, with the boom of the low cost carriers, they are currently playing a major part with great impact on the airlines businesses that are now able to offer different levels of services with obviously different levels of prices.   They are definitely here to stay allowing brand recognition and loyalty to the company but also providing customers with more transparency when it comes to the complex system of flight pricing.

Airlines organise their fares into commercially recognized products called brands, which they offer to consumers as products. Different services are associated to each brand and include free-of-charge services or services for an additional charge. These optional and not so optional services that airlines usually charge in addition to the basic fare can vary from on board sales of food and beverages, excess baggage, preferred seats, call centre support, priority check-in, early boarding, wireless internet, etc.  And if a customer can probably live through a flight without internet, the same cannot be said about going on holidays without luggage, therefore making this branded fare an almost obligatory item.

KEYforTravel platform is paying attention to this trend and more than ready to provide its customers with a branded fares option allowing agencies to better inform their clients about the services included in each company's branded fares when they are booking a flight and also to upsell from one brand to a higher brand to complement the offer with other services.