Make profitable growth with smart customization. KEYforTravel the Travel management for consulting companies.

For Software Houses

With KEYforTravel platform, Software Houses can boost their clients' performance working on top of a state of the art Travel platform:
  • Providing engines and business processes through web services
  • Ability to integrate / develop in KEYforTravel technology

For Content Aggregators

With KEYforTravel platform, Content Aggregators can easily build on top of their contents a powerful transactional platform to reach directly the final customer (B2C) and partners (B2B):
  • Integration with a complete transactional platform of all the non-bookable content (e.g. Travel Guides with the capacity for "Book Now");
  • A new Business Channel tool for your costumers (B2C or B2B);
  • Increase your delivering channels being a content partner for the KEYforTravel Ecosystem distributing your contents to its environment.

For Consulting companies

KEYforTravel platform streamlines and materializes the strategy recommended by the Tourism Strategists Consultants concerning the multichannel and multiplatform integration providing an end-to-end solution directly linked with all your client business processes:

  • Boost your clients' performance working on top of a state of the art Travel platform that fits with all the Top Tourism Strategists Consultants: Presence in multichannel with the same business platform; Multiplatform integration; Multi device distribution; Real time business tuning; Versatile package offering; Auto-promotion tools; Self-booking tools to connect to business partners; Agent productive environment; 100% web technology. 
  • Increase your delivering channels being a consulting partner for the KEYforTravel ecosystem.

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