KEYforTravel allows you to build complex packages, manage product sales, distribution and controlling all the operation. All of these extended functionalities lie on top of KEYforTravel Server, taking advantage of the product's features.

Make complex things simple. KEYforTravel the Travel management for tour operators platform. 

By using KEYforTravel  you can:
Build packages with several types of products (flights, hotel, land arrangements, tours, etc.);
Create package promotions, and use supplier promotions;
Take advantage of KEYforTravel Server connections to product providers, to build a dynamic product (e.g. GDS, Bed banks, Rent-a-Car);
Manage your hotel and flight inventories in real-time and handle unlimited contracts;
Setup business specific mark-ups, price rules, commissions, service taxes, payment rules and discounts;
Use your product descriptions, photos and videos to enhance product promotion;
Manage passenger distribution for each service, obtaining manager rooming lists, passenger lists, etc. from KEYforTravel Operation; 
Manage boarding documents and boarding lists, travelers' options, selected products, check-in dates, group preferences;
Obtain on demand and real time management reporting;
Achieve interoperability with other systems;
Reduce operational costs and increase productivity;
Improve customer experience.

Selling your product:

KEYforTravel Tour Operation Manager also includes a web platform for selling your built packages with the following benefits:
Easy to use website, with active promotion capabilities and product search engines;
Browse product associable to everyone, but booking only to your customers;
Net price or commission defined per customer profile or per customer. 

KEYforTravel will also help you if you are: