The constant changes on travel agencies businesses is increasingly putting pressure on the processes. How fast and how accurately the customer's requests are fulfilled is key to success. Managing the relationships with multiple customers and suppliers has also become extremely important in the travel industry.

Efficiency on Travel management for travel agencies is critical. Providing efficiency gains, KEYforTravel boosts your travel agency business to increase revenue. 

If you are a travel agencyKEYforTravel can help you achieve the following goals:

  • Competitiveness, improving and simplifying your activity. Using several connections to product providers, KEYforTravel allows access to the best prices, thus increasing your competitiveness and the chance to close the sale;
  • Effectiveness with faster and more reliable internal processes. KEYforTravel is a platform designed to help the daily operation. Through different tools, it can respond quickly and effectively to the various business requests;
  • Focus on customer, on contact and relationship. By logging the various interactions with the customer, you can increase service quality. With KEYforTravel you will also be familiar with your customer's buying profiles, allowing proactive product sales;
  • Boosting the relationship with different suppliers, to obtain better products and pricing. Through its online connections to the major product providers, KEYforTravel will, in real time, choose the most suited supplier for each product. This allows you to present your customer the most competitive prices;
  • Building an agency entirely linked to their suppliers and customers, where the travel consultant acts in the possession of all necessary elements in real time. KEYforTravel provides the necessary information ensuring that the travel consultant always has all the information to answer the customer's queries;
  • A unique tool to manage and control your business and customers.

Major components in KEYforTravel:

  • Booking Engines - Comparative prices, availability and reservations in real time, adapted to each organization's needs, with aggregate view of own contracts and connecting suppliers. These business engines are affected by different business rules suited for your business;
  • Front Office - complete customer management, reservations and files, including communication with customers and suppliers, documentation issuing and billing;
  • Back Office - product management, own inventories, prices, margins and booking fees;
  • Promotion tools for creating automatic, on-going, effective communication with your customers. Dedicated support to specific email communications;
  • Automatic documentation generation, in PDF or other standard formats;
  • Support for document templates, with each organization's own look and feel;
  • Access to the customer's communication global history.

KEYforTravel will also help you if you are: