KEYforBilling is completely integrated with KEYforTravel and presents itself as an agile platform capable of communicating with business partners and product providers in real time. Effortless billing integration whenever and wherever you need it!

This functionality gives access to a set of reports, always in the logic of the business architecture of KEYforBilling, which distinguishes KEYforBilling from other ERP systems that are less integrated with the business platforms.  KEYforBilling is also focused on the effective control of variable costs to sales, gaining access to net results in real time.

It also makes daily operations in the front office easier, such as:

Issuing of legal documentation;
Delivering electronic documentation to clients;
Credit controlling; 
Checking of the clients' debt.

KEYforBilling module accomplishes the basic demands of commercial management: 

Current Accounts; 
Receivable Treasury / Accounts.

KEYforTravel is a powerful and intuitive platform where business administrators can evaluate business status with accurate real time metrics and appropriate actions according to market trends.