KeyforTravel flight booking engine allows total, integrated and real-time control of the sales process, from the moment the offer is placed until the sale is completed.   It's the end-to-end management of the entire business cycle.

KEYforTravel's flight booking engine aggregates the offer from several GDS with airlines and KEYforTravel's own Charter system.  With a complex and complete system to respond to the business rules of tourism distribution, the Airline Systems Engine also allows one-ways combination and fine tuning.  

Main advantages of KEYforTravel's flight booking engine:
Support for multiple GDS (Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre, etc);
Direct connection to airline inventory (Azul, GOL, Avianca);
Connection to low cost aggregators;
Combining multiple GDS pseudo cities;
Access to private fares (account code, net fares, ITX);
Support for resident fares (Portugal and Spain);
Fees for airline / type of journey;
Support for own flights (charters, part-charters) with allot control and yield management;
The engine can be combined with other engines to create dynamic packages;
Integrates with Auto-promotion (to enable push marketing of lowest fares).

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