KEYforTravel Rent-a-Car booking engine allows reservations not only through booking engines on their websites, letting the customer assess the availability of Rent-a-Car Services and make their reservations, but it also gives them a set of tools that boosts their ability to act in the local tourism market.

The rent-a-car booking engine combines tools for:
Support to the contract setup with car rental provider;
Permits definitions for car categories: car size, car type, with or without air-conditioning, automatic or manual, etc;
Rates' definition: per time-slots or number of days per rate per time-slot and extra days' rate;
Parameter definition whether destination city or airport or contract dates' such as pick-up or drop-off date.

Rent-a-car booking engine advantages:
Selling Rent-a-Car Services plus flight, hotel and other services in fixed packages or dynamic packages;
Supporting real time sales of Rent-a-Car inventory with contracted or real-time services from third parties;
Increasing non-rent-a-car revenues by enabling the offering of a wide variety of services to customers;
Enabling the passengers to find more of what they are seeking, creating added value at the time of booking the rent-a-car Services e.g. offering travellers a one stop shop.

Providing a broader service to passengers (increasing share of wallet) will:
Build stronger customer relationships and gaining a greater knowledge of your customers that can be leveraged for future sales and marketing;
More control of your passenger's booking and fulfillment experience;
Enhances the Rent-a-Car brand.