KEYforTravel Student Travel booking engine allows student travelling companies to easily present their course inventory and rates.  The student can easily perform a search by course, destination, which can be a country or city,  the learner's level of education or the periods the student wants to book for the course.

It is also possible to calculate all the necessary supplements such as accommodation associated with that particular school allowing a complete offer.
Main advantages of the Student Travel Booking Engine:
  • Inventory of courses with a complete catalogue of schools, with descriptions and images
  • Prices' Inventory with full detail of rules and sale periods
  • Definition of promotions allowing a complete registration over time with the best offer for each period;
  • List of accommodations and their rates complementing the sale of the course in order to offer a more complete service;
  • Possibility of supplements' definition for completing the fare of each school with values and total options of the course offer;
  • Agile budgeting and sales process that guarantees the entire flow of business;

Who is using KEYforTravel Student Travel engine?